Now is the time to launch your career in the electrical industry. There is a lifetime of career opportunities in this high demand and skilled profession! A career in the electrical industry is one of the most in-demand in America. Becoming an electrical professional can give you the opportunity to work with your hands, encounter versatile and challenging tasks, and enjoy high compensation and job security.

Training Programs

On-the-job training is offered in many different apprenticeship programs, and will differ according to your selected program. Many applicants who are selected will start on-the-job training as soon as a job opening becomes available. Currently, the starting wage is $14.05 per hour with increment increases throughout the program(s). Some of the benefits may include health insurance for participant and family, retirement plans, and an annuity plan.

The term of apprenticeship is 8,000 hours of on-the-job training divided over a 4 to 5 year period and 144-192 hours per year of related classroom instruction, depending on your selected apprenticeship program.

Different programs may offer different curriculums schedules. However, technical instruction would cover topics such as the ones listed in the example below.

  • First Aid, CPR, AED and Jobsite Safety
  • Electrical Fundamentals and Basic Electrical Theory
  • Advanced Electrical Theory – Alternating Current
  • Essential National Electrical Code Rules and Requirements
  • Care and Use of Hand and Power Operated Tools
  • Conduit Bending and other Mechanical Skills
  • Electrical Safety and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Transformers, Generators and Motors
  • Blueprint Reading and Electrical Symbols
  • Motor Control Components, Diagrams, Circuitry and Labs
  • Advanced Motor Controls
  • Electrical System Design and Troubleshooting
  • Special Systems and Equipment


While specific requirements vary by each local training program, applicants for apprentice positions must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Have earned a high school diploma or equivalent –you may be required to take a refresher course in mathematics
  • Be capable of performing the physical and mental essential functions of apprenticeship, and capable of doing electrical construction work
  • Be a US citizen or lawful resident alien
  • May be required to pass a drug screen and take a physical exam, including a test for color blindness

Applicants for apprenticeship will be interviewed before entry into the program. The following may not be required but is very helpful:

  • Pervious education or training in the electrical trade
  • High school courses in mathematics, physics, electricity and shop
  • Special training offered in the US Armed Forces or post-secondary technical schools

Application Procedures

The application process varies by location in Texas. Be sure to check the calendar of your selected program(s) before applying. Some are very specific including day and time. Generally, apprenticeship is open to all applicants who meet the enrollment requirements of their selected program.

What it Takes

The nature of the job demands that an electrician be in good physical condition and tolerant of working in varied climatic conditions such as heat, cold, rain, and snow. There will also be situations including exposure to heights, climbing ladders, using scaffolds, and lifting heavy objects. Other factors listed below may be considered by the committee for entry into the program:

  • Your employable skills
  • Reliable source of transportation to school and to the job site
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team

Financial Aid

Apprentices purchase books and pay tuition. Though not guaranteed, in many cases, employers pay for all or part of the training program and textbooks. Plus, apprentices can often a job with a qualified contractor, while in the training program.

The program cost for Texas residents will vary by location and is typically $1000 - $1,500 tuition per year plus $300 - $500 in books, depending on the training year and the program of choice.

Typical Annual Gross Pay In Texas

Electricians are highly-skilled and significantly compensated for their unique knowledge and abilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly earnings of a trained and qualified electrician in 2014 was $24.57, with the top 10% earning more than $41.15 per hour including benefits.

Typically a registered apprentice will start at 50% of the rate paid to an experienced (Journeyman) electrician. Some apprenticeship programs have a wage progression which allows for increases at certain intervals making it possible for the apprentice in most cases to double their earnings during their training.

Graduates who want to continue their education have a head start on a college degree. Some programs provide up to 40 college credit hours. This equates to $30,000 of college education, using the average tuition cost currently in the US.

Other Information

Below are a few examples of excellent electrical trade schools to choose from. There are several in the great state of Texas, and you will find some in the Contacts link of this web page.

Independent Electrical Contractors of Texas Electrical Apprenticeship Education in Texas

There are 9 IEC chapters in Texas that provide training to apprentices each year in the classroom and online. See below for contact information.

North Texas Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee

Classes are held at the Electrical Training Center in Grand Prairie, one day every two (2) weeks from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


IEC of Texas
1005 Congress, Ste. 162, Austin Texas 78701
Please refer to map at http://www.iecoftexs.org/education.php

North Texas Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee
Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
Applications MUST be made IN PERSON at:
North Texas Electrical Training Center
680 W. Tarrant Rd.
Grand Prairie, Tx. 75050
(972) 266-8383

Other Cities in Texas With Typical Programs:
Austin – Austin Electrical Training Alliance – www.austineta.org
Beaumont – Beaumont Electrical JATC -- www.bejatc.org/
Corpus Christi – Texas Gulf Coast Electrical JATC –www.ibew278.org/apprenticeship.aspx
East Texas (Longview-Tyler) – East Texas Electrical JATC – www.etejatc.org
Galveston – Galveston Electrical JATC – www.ibew527.com/apprenticeship.html
Houston – Houston JATC – www.houstonjatc.com
Rio Grande Valley/Laredo – Rio Grande Valley/Laredo Electrical JATC – http://ibew1015.webb.com/trainingeducation.html
San Antonio – South Texas Electrical JATC – www.sotxjatc.org
West Texas (Amarillo-Lubbock- Midland-Odessa)—West Texas Electrical JATC – wtxjatc.org